Custom Blankets for Employee Swag Favorites

Custom blanket is one of our favorite unexpected company giveaways. The wonderful pick for picnics, sports games, concerts and snuggling up with a good book at home, custom blankets with branded logo let your employees display your brand no matter where they go.
Especially in winter, you are requested to start thinking about some warm, winter swag—hello, custom sweatshirts and touch screen gloves—for employee appreciation gifts or corporate holiday presents, and custom throw blankets are a nice choice for year-round use.
The experts consistently suggest choosing corporate swag that’s practical and high-quality to garner the most impressions, and promotional blankets certainly meet those standards. There are plenty of reasons to design your own blanket to add to your company’s swag bags.
When you think about typical corporate swag, you’re probably thinking about classic but arguably basic items like promotional T-shirts and pens. Everybody loves a giveaway, but you can bet you’ll get even more smiles when you hand out something a little less expected, like custom throw blankets. You might even find that employees want to share their swag with friends on social media.
One of the facets of a well-chosen branded product is its usefulness. If you brand items that are just going to sit in a drawer for years to come, there’s a good chance your ROI will be lower and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted company dollars. Instead, pick something that’s more likely to get plenty of use.
If you’re looking for a promotional item that plays into whatever product or service you sell, custom blankets may be a good idea. We often see them employed by businesses that are focused on sports, camping, the outdoors, driving and relaxation.
Because you can customize many special blanket styles with your preferred coloring and design, blankets make solid swag for a wide range of applications. Of course, they are a very popular pick for employee gifts, but they can also be used to woo potential clients, partners and investors. In other words, they’re ideal internal and external corporate giveaways.
Like most promotional gifts, branded blankets come in many different tiers, from economical to premium, to suit your budget and vision. If you’re looking for company swag that you know will be loved by all employees, make sure to head on over to our best-sellers section to get some great ideas.


San Valentine Special Program

The custom coolers and insulated bags can be regarded as the promotional product that makes your brand the life of the party. These branded best-sellers pile on the function and longevity, so you know they’ll make so much pleasant impressions. No matter if you use them as new hire gifts, client incentives, company holiday gifts, or to make retirees surprised, you can bet these personalized coolers and cooler bags will be received with a smile. Here we are always available to help you order your promotional products, but here are some useful tips to help you get started.
Ask yourself what kinds of features you want in an insulated cooler. We can put your logo or branding on insulated lunch bags, collapsible coolers, rolling coolers, coolers with straps, backpack coolers and even coolers that come with a portable grill or a Bluetooth speaker.
Coolers are branded items that vary widely in terms of price. You’ll find everything from super affordable insulated lunch bags for less than $3 a piece to premium coolers made by top brands. Before you shop for promotional coolers, be sure you have a set budget in mind to easily narrow your search.
Any company that focuses on fun, recreation, or outdoor living will consider choosing coolers as an effective branded product. If you provide healthy snacks, maybe a promotional lunch bag is a better pick. Brainstorm with customers and employees to see how you can best appeal to your target audience.
Custom products take a little bit longer for production, so be sure that you account for the extra time if you’re placing an order for a special event, like a festival or trade show. Remember to look at the standard production time at the bottom of every product for an estimate on how long it will take to make. Need custom coolers fast? We have various quick-ship coolers and insulated bags that we can process in 24 hours.
What’s more, the design and style of your cooler, you also need to consider size. We have coolers that range in capacity from six to 48 cans, so make sure you’re aware of the different size options. Naturally, you will want to choose smaller six- or eight-can coolers for personal use and large coolers for applications like parties and entertaining.
As with any custom promotional item, you’ll want to carefully follow our artwork guidelines for the best result. We suggest top-quality vector files to ensure that you get the best quality rendering. Besides, be sure to submit a logo or design that works well with the color you’ve chosen for the background.

Promotional BPA-free water bottles for Brand Enhancement

executive gifts

When selecting custom water bottles, you may have found that we have different styles labeled as BPA-free. You might also hear this phrase before—BPA-free—but have you ever stopped to give it much thought? Finding promotional products that don’t have this potentially harmful chemical is good for the health and well-being of the people and the nature. Let’s take a deep dive into the importance of your corporate giveaways BPA-free.
First, let’s discuss what is BPA? Briefly, it is an industrial chemical that is employed in the manufacture of many plastics and epoxy resins. It is widely used to coat the inside of plastics, including in your food storage containers, measuring cups, drinkware, and water bottles, in order to help the plastic last longer and not wear away over time. Unluckily, the downfall of this coating is that the BPA can seep into whatever the container is holding, including food and water.
Whether you’re searching for better ways to encourage your employee wellness program or are setting up at a trade show and want to hand out health-focused giveaways, there are some reasons why custom BPA-free water bottles should earn your attention over lesser quality ones.
Though the full spectrum of health risks aren’t yet completely known, BPA has been shown to play a role in hormone-dependent tumors, including breast and prostate cancer, as well as infertility.
They’re not afraid of heat—one of the primary issues with BPA-laden containers is that the chemical can seep into their contents, particularly when they are waved. Studies show that BPA can mimic animal hormones and cause defects and reproduction issues in some aquatic animals. Of course, when BPA is disposed and enters the landfill, the chemicals then seep into the local environment and pollute the soil and waterways.
They’re better quality—usually, when you’re buying promotional products labeled as BPA-free, you’re probably dealing with manufacturers and designers who care about quality and aren’t simply trying to produce the largest amount of gifts for the cheapest price. When you opt for BPA-free water bottles, for example, you’ll find that they tend to last longer and do a better job of regulating temperature.
So no matter when you need promotional freebies and giveaways for trade shows, employee training kits, and corporate giveaways, make sure that you only hand out items that don’t contain this harmful chemical. So how can you tell if a product is BPA-free?