Best Custom Water Bottles to Promote Your Brand

Americans use more than 50 billion plastic water bottles each year. Unfortunately, only about 12 billion plastic water bottles are recycled after people use them, which is why so many end up in landfills and oceans.
To prevent this from happening, many Americans have developed the habit of carrying reusable water bottles with them. They rehydrate at home and at work and use them throughout the day.
Your company can take advantage of this trend by offering custom water bottles to your customers. You can use these bottles to promote your custom promotional products, putting your business name, logo and slogan in front of people day after day.
There are many various promotional water bottles to choose from. Here are some of your best choices.
One thing to remember when purchasing the right custom water bottle to promote your brand is durability. You do not want to distribute water bottles to your customers because they will break in a few weeks or will break so fast.
Aluminum water bottles are a great choice for companies looking to invest in the most durable water bottles on the market. They are shockproof, and on a normal day they can withstand anything thrown at them.
One of the other big benefits of aluminum water bottles is that you can customize them by engraving the outside of them. This will ensure that your business name and logo will stay on aluminum water bottles for many years to come without wiping away.
Options like the 17 Oz. Canteen Aluminum Bottle, the 28 Oz. Aluminum Sports Bottle, and the Gradient 25 Oz. Aluminum Sports Bottle are all excellent choices for a company looking to add branding to water bottles.