How to Choose Promotional T-Shirt Sizes

Purchasing some promotional t-shirts for all of your attendees is a perfect way to produce goodwill for your brand and increase your visibility in the local community, especially when you decide to host a big event. Over 59% of consumers in America have promotional t-shirts, and each t-shirt will generate an average of 2,500 impressions in their lifespan. So, we can see that this makes a t-shirt one of the most popular promos available.
You will have all of the attendees’ sizes written down in some situations, whether it’s a group of employees or existing customers. However, no matter when you’re purchasing promotional t-shirts for a stranger and don’t have a solid number for reference, deciding the t-shirt sizes can be a hard thing. Luckily we have a handy info-graphic to make the process easier.
It’s crucial to consider it as a percentage of the overall total when trying to determine the breakdown of how many shirts to get of each size. These guidelines give you an idea of the size distribution of t-shirts worn by adults. Simply multiply the percentages by the number of t-shirts you plan on ordering. For instance, if you are ordering 100 personalized t-shirt you will want 5 smalls, 20 mediums, and 30 larges.
These percentages stand for a broad generalization, so if you have more information about your expected audience, adjust the sizes you order. If your brand is popular with bulky outdoorsmen and bodybuilders, consider ordering more XL sizes.
When you are ordering “adult” size t-shirts, it actually means they are men’s sizes. You may want to order both men’s and women’s sizes, but that depends on the t-shirt brand, type of clothing, and your event. Women’s shirts have a taper at the waist for a traditionally feminine silhouette, while men’s shirts have a boxier shape and are larger.
Generally, we would suggest ordering 80% of men’s t-shirts and 20% of women’s t-shirts when ordering both men’s and women’s sizes. Some females will still want the roomier men’s garments, and this style split will ideally result in fewer leftover promotional tees.
The accurate cut of a t-shirt will vary relying on the brand and style of what you order. T-shirts from Gildan will either be longer, shorter, wider, or slimmer than similar-looking t-shirts from C2 Sport. We advise ordering samples of the various sizes if you want a tailored look for your promotional tees and you plan on placing a large order.
Trying out the t-shirts before you buy a big quantity will ensure your event goes smoothly. There are many factors to consider before settling on a size distribution for your promotional clothing. If you make up your mind to order polos, sweatshirts, or outerwear, the sizing recommendations will also shift.
Don’t be stressed by deciding the sizes of your promotional tees — that’s what we’re here for! We will work with you and recommend the best combination of sizes for your particular event.