New Release of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer continues to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic square Monaco made famous by Steve McQueen, known for its opulent nights in New York City. In an event hosted by former miss universe and friends of brands Paulina Vega, TAG launched the latest product in the TAG Heuer Monaco watch collection based on the special 50th anniversary of the 1990s.
Strange as it may seem, TAG has decided that each of its five new replica watches will mark a decade of its watch-making history. The event also featured two brand ambassadors, racing driver and Formula E 2017/2018 champion jean-eric vergne and actor/racing driver Patrick Dempsey, who some say is modern McQueen.
The race will be held in redhook, brooklyn, on July 13 and 14 at the 2020 New York City e-prix Formula E championship, which will defend its title in Vergne. Replica tag heuer is the official timekeeper and founding partner of FIA Formula E Championship. The brand is hosting a heritage exhibition to showcase its connection to the racing world – guests must walk through the exhibition before attending the event, which takes place in the centre of Cipriani.
The new watch comes with lights and video. The “1989-1999 special edition” fake watch (because it is said to be rather clunky) will be limited to 169 pieces. Its design has a “steel industrial look” with a street-style vibe, with blue and silver accents and red highlights.
It uses rhodium-plated dial and sand-blasting sub-dials, with blue perforated pull calfskin strap, with red contrast stitching. The bottom cover is brushed in a vertical and circular pattern and is engraved with the Monaco Heuer logo and the “1989-1999 special edition” and “169 one”.
Inside is TAG’s Calibre 11, a modern (though fundamentally different) version of the automatic up-link chronograph movement that debuted in Monaco in 1969 – hence the number of products. Monaco isn’t for everyone, and unless we talk at the pre-Vendome Panerai, the 1990s won’t cause much sentimentality among replica watch collectors, so we’ll see how much interest the TAG Heuer Monaco special edition of 1989-1999 can generate.

The biggest mistake to avoid when purchasing custom promotional products

When you buy promotional products and use them effectively, your brand will remain fresh in the minds of potential buyers throughout the year. Of course, there are thousands of options, and you both have the ability to find the perfect candidate for your next campaign and be prepared to make mistakes.
There are right and wrong ways to buy a promotional product — here are the most common mistakes you should avoid when placing your next order for a promotional product.
Do you have a trade show in a week? Then we hope you started the design and ordering process for your giveaways several months ago. Our Account Executives make your satisfaction their top priority. They bounce ideas off of you and work with you to make carefully crafted promotional items and packages that will blow clients and customers away.
However, this process takes time. Last minute promotions will undoubtedly cost more, leaving you no room to correct mistakes or make adjustments. Check your marketing calendar and start the process early. We recommend placing an order one quarter prior to the need for promotional products.
This principle makes sense: if you have a smaller marketing budget with the lowest price of promotions you can find. However, it’s essential to align your brand image with your giveaways — if they don’t represent your brand, don’t buy the cheapest promotion possible.
It’s an industry secret that many organizations that order promotional products carefully select their custom promotional products and then simply add their logos. While these smallest brands may work for employee t-shirts or gift bags, they don’t allow the recipients of your products to interact with you. What’s worse, if someone doesn’t like your design, you miss out on a chance to browse the website or visit the store. At a minimum, write your website, phone number and/or address on your flyer.
On the other hand, cramming too much brand information into a small promotional film can seem sloppy and unacceptable. Don’t write your company history on promotional pens — creating effective promotional marketing is all about striking a balance.
A common mistake is for marketers to order promotional products they like without considering what makes the best impression on their target audience. For example, a promotional can cooler might be a good promotional item for craft brewers, but it might catch fire for health care providers. Are you an office supply company? Among your clients, a notepad or power bank is more popular than a beach towel.

Rolex replica Takes Roger Federer to a song

Roger Federer is no doubt one of Rolex’s most outstanding and important brand ambassadors. Currently ranked fourth in the world, the Swiss superstar has won 20 grand slam titles and holds the record for most wins at Wimbledon. When he is photographed lifting another trophy, he always wears a Rolex — a tradition that began in 2009, when Federer broke Pete Sampras’s Wimbledon grand slam record.
“Every time I wear a Rolex, it reminds me of great moments,” Federer said.”In a way, you have to be tough, even ruthless, but always fair and graceful. In other words, the perfect Rolex ” testimonee”. While Federer is known to have a lucrative contract with Rolex, his love of the Rolex brand is clearly genuine, making him a dutiful spokesman.
According to the tennis world, surprising is Federer actually signing Rolex’s endorsement is relatively small, only about $1.4 million, compared with $30 million for a Uniqlo pay (10 years) contract, Moët & Chandon pay $6 million, mercedes-benz (Mercedes – Benz) paid $5 million (etc.), he has become one of the top athletes.
Against this backdrop, $1.4 million seems like an absolute bargain for the iconic Swiss watch brand, but we can be sure that price includes as many rolex replica watches as Federer wants. As Luca Grasso of Italy, one of the world’s top Rolex experts, pointed out in a recent interview, the connection has paid off. “Over the years, the popularity of many famous people around the world has helped Rolex become increasingly popular by wearing several different styles,” he said.
Grasso says that the Rolex model that has benefited the most from Federer’s support is the Datejust – the watch he was wearing on that historic day at Wimbledon in 2009, and the one Rolex is his all-time favorite, altough having been photographed with other fake rolex watches, including the GMT-Master II “Batman” and the Sky-Dweller. About the Datejust, “we can say that it’s a wise investment that can pay you back with a quick growing value as time goes on,” Grasso says, noting that Federer is now affecting replica watch fans in favor of Rolex and the Datejust, just like the late, great Paul Newman continues to do with the Daytona and Steve McQueen with the Submariner. “More and more people are desired to wear these cheap watches and so the price grows,” Grasso points out. Advantage: Rolex.

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Power Banks as Promotional Gifts


Promotional gifts can be a great tool to increase brand exposure while also showing appreciation for customers and potential leads. However, in order to achieve this, promotional gifts need to be distinctive, valuable and leave a lasting impression on your brand. Research by the British promotional goods Association shows that “utility” is the most important quality for consumers who buy promotional goods. A useful promotional gift may have a longer lifespan, be preserved and integrated into the recipient’s daily life, and ensure regular brand exposure. This is a perfect way to keep your brand in the minds of your customers.
So when our client, the Ballymore real estate developer, contacted us to promote their latest development in London, we knew that their metropolitan client would value a durable, useful promotional item that matched the high-end nature and aesthetic of the development.
Therefore, we recommend using branded power Banks with custom designs as promotional gifts. They agree that branded power Banks are useful and long-lived and will be a valuable promotional gift to help their customers stay charged and connected while they are busy, and may even be used in everyday life.
To maintain the high-end aesthetic of the Ballymore Wardian development in London, we designed these unique wooden promotional power Banks featuring the development logo and the iconic bronze background. The custom design and amazing appearance give the power bank a high perceived value, making it more likely to be retained by the recipient. Most importantly for us, our customers like their brand of power bank!
The staggering 2.5 billion people who own smartphones, and the number is set to grow, and their battery life is notoriously short, make the brand power bank the great custom promotional products for companies and customers alike.

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Custom Promotional Products for the Building Industry

If your clients are in the construction industry, you need to do your homework and find industry-specific promotional products that will delight them. The building industry is a competitive field with many different branches, including electricians, architects, building supply companies and so on. So understanding who your audience is and getting to know their industry or profile is always the first step.
We have several promotions that offer the best benefits to people in the building industry.
Helmet is one of the most useful Custom promotional products you can give to anyone in construction. Most workers visiting construction sites have to wear hard hats just in case, so if they’re wearing a hat with your company logo on it, it’s self-explanatory advertising to you.
Ideally, if your budget allows, these helmets should have a flashlight in front of them. This increases the usefulness of the hats at night.
Measuring tape for a construction professional is like showing a doctor a stethoscope. This is something they use several times a day. A good way to add the utility provided by the tape measure is to make sure it includes a bubble-level inspector. This simple tool allows construction workers to check the surface balance by measuring the location of the blister.
Make sure the tape measures provide different metrics such as inches, centimeters, yards and meters. This enables workers to use the metrics they normally use and helps them comply with my building site code.
At the construction site, the cones help to delineate areas, create boundaries, identify specific construction areas, and even define positional milestones. This is why the value of cone-shaped buildings cannot be underestimated.
By placing your company’s brand on an architectural cone, you are sure to attract the attention of those corporate gifts walking around the cone while ensuring their safety.
Another good way to keep your potential clients awake is to stand in front of them when they are hungry at a construction site. Typically, construction workers work in remote areas where there are no local restaurants or cafes. They usually arrange their food when they go to work, and for most people in this space, having a good lunch box, water bottle and backpack is absolutely necessary.
A good lunch box is used to keep the food warm, a good kettle is used to keep the drinks cool, and a good lunch bag is used to carry the food conveniently, so that all things are kept well insulated.

The Right Logo for Your Promotional Products

Logos are very important for marketing because they are the first image that consumers connect with your business. Companies will use your company name, the color scheme you want, and your vision and inspiration to create a variety of different logos for you to choose a winner. From there you can start showing it, whether it’s on a business card, on the side of your building, or on a promotional product.
We select a company to share our logo design tips with 99 artists each month. We will also share our thoughts on the winning design and discuss whether we agree with its title.
Using negative space to trick the eyes is one way to ensure your logo stands out. Hallucinations are good for stimulating the brain and attracting attention. However, you must be careful not to make your brain work too hard or your information may be lost.
Contrary to popular belief, designs don’t need to be complex or detailed to be unique. They have to be different. When it comes to design, font selection, and color, some of the most iconic logos are simple. Your logo can reflect your values, products, or services simply yet look spectacular!
Aside from simplicity, your work should be original, which means it shouldn’t be copied from other companies. You want customers to think of you when they see your logo, not other companies. If Paint 4u chooses Design #2, they will use the same logo and color scheme as Microsoft’s iconic logo. However, Design #3 has a simple color scheme, standard bold and realistic images that make it unique, truly unique.
Whether your business has been around for five or 100 years, your logo should take into account the future, including its scalability and readability. Now, you can find the company logo everywhere, including website, brand
promotional products, emails and so on. Having a scalable logo means it will be able to scale without being deformed, and it will be clearly visible when it contracts. It will also be more helpful to use your logo in the future because it looks great wherever it goes.
Trademarks are the basis of your brand identity and play a vital role in marketing. Therefore, you should not ignore the advice of experts. You chose the perfect logo to compliment their company and brand. By following our design tips series, you can also have the perfect artwork for your business!

Popular Promotional Products with Best Value

Advertising costs an average of 0.6 cents per impression, according to the advertising professional association — an unequalled value for a Marketing Department with a limited budget.
To calculate the true value of a promotion, you must consider the impressions per dollar. With this in mind, we have collected the most valuable promotional products to give you the confidence to order the next batch of trade fair giveaways.
Tote bags are essential promotional products that can help customers reduce the use of plastic bags at the grocery store or help them bring delicious picnics to the park. To ensure that your brand is widely accepted, carry a carrier bag with you no matter where you travel. For marketers, the most exciting thing about the tote bag is its cost performance: for every dollar spent, the average tote bag has 1000 impressions!
Our best-selling waterproof grocery tote bag is available in more than a dozen colors, so you can have an impact without spoiling the bank. Handbags produce nearly 7,000 impressions over their lifetime, so even a high-value natural canvas bag produces about 500 impressions for every dollar spent.
A standard promotional calendar averages 333 impressions per dollar – quite a high return! In addition, when someone USES a promotional day featuring your brand, you know that the product will remain visible for 12 months, which is longer than other popular promotional products.
An important part of any office or cubicle, desk accessories generate an average of 125 impressions per dollar, and each impression costs less than a penny. From mouse pads to business card holders, we offer a wide range of professional options that allow companies to enhance their brand image without spending too much money.
With nearly 3,000 impressions in their lifetime, promotional hats like hats and beans should be the number one choice for every marketer. Cater to your target audience by choosing and designing headwear that is stylish, trendy and weather-appropriate.
Promotional products were rated as the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Maximize the impression on your budget by investing in high-value promotional products that make every dollar count.

Best Promos for Nurses Week

Promotional Gifts

We honor all that nurses do for their patients and the industry during Nurses Week. You can reward your industrious staff while maximizing impressions by gifting practical promotional products if you run a hospital or healthcare service. Show the nurses in your life how much you care and appreciate them with these amazing promotional giveaways.
The first promotional item I want to introduce is the special Convertible Scrubs Tote Bag. Interesting and functional, this bag comes standard with a scrubs shirt graphic featuring a stethoscope that integrates into the handles. It easily folds into an attached zippered pouch making this a wonderful gift for nurses.
Our Non-Woven Insulated Lunch Bag will absolutely become a lunch time favorite time and time again, because it is really eco-friendly and recyclable. Coated thermal film keeps food at just the correct temperature while also maintaining durability and strength to last whether you use it indoors or outdoors.
Dress up nurses’ germ-free routine with our custom T-Shirt Shaped Hand Sanitizer Spray decorated with your full color design. Featuring an x-ray design, this hand sanitizer is perfect for nurses, x-ray technicians and anyone in healthcare. The pump-action spray mechanism provides up to 120 sprays of gently scented antibacterial spray.
Display your brand on our appealing Speckled Himalayan 20 oz Tumbler. With a stainless steel interior and exterior, tumbler features a double wall construction, keeping drinks hot or cold up to 6 hours during those long shifts. The non-slip bottom keeps it in place, while the snap-on, spill-resistant thumb-slide lid with rubber gasket keeps contents from spilling.
For National Nurses Week, try your best to ensure every nurse you know feels truly appreciated in their deep mind. Gifts for nurses also double as chances to have your brand seen by a large pool of potential patients and clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us customer service if you are in need of other promotional items for great National Nurses Week.


How to Choose Promotional T-Shirt Sizes

Purchasing some promotional t-shirts for all of your attendees is a perfect way to produce goodwill for your brand and increase your visibility in the local community, especially when you decide to host a big event. Over 59% of consumers in America have promotional t-shirts, and each t-shirt will generate an average of 2,500 impressions in their lifespan. So, we can see that this makes a t-shirt one of the most popular promos available.
You will have all of the attendees’ sizes written down in some situations, whether it’s a group of employees or existing customers. However, no matter when you’re purchasing promotional t-shirts for a stranger and don’t have a solid number for reference, deciding the t-shirt sizes can be a hard thing. Luckily we have a handy info-graphic to make the process easier.
It’s crucial to consider it as a percentage of the overall total when trying to determine the breakdown of how many shirts to get of each size. These guidelines give you an idea of the size distribution of t-shirts worn by adults. Simply multiply the percentages by the number of t-shirts you plan on ordering. For instance, if you are ordering 100 personalized t-shirt you will want 5 smalls, 20 mediums, and 30 larges.
These percentages stand for a broad generalization, so if you have more information about your expected audience, adjust the sizes you order. If your brand is popular with bulky outdoorsmen and bodybuilders, consider ordering more XL sizes.
When you are ordering “adult” size t-shirts, it actually means they are men’s sizes. You may want to order both men’s and women’s sizes, but that depends on the t-shirt brand, type of clothing, and your event. Women’s shirts have a taper at the waist for a traditionally feminine silhouette, while men’s shirts have a boxier shape and are larger.
Generally, we would suggest ordering 80% of men’s t-shirts and 20% of women’s t-shirts when ordering both men’s and women’s sizes. Some females will still want the roomier men’s garments, and this style split will ideally result in fewer leftover promotional tees.
The accurate cut of a t-shirt will vary relying on the brand and style of what you order. T-shirts from Gildan will either be longer, shorter, wider, or slimmer than similar-looking t-shirts from C2 Sport. We advise ordering samples of the various sizes if you want a tailored look for your promotional tees and you plan on placing a large order.
Trying out the t-shirts before you buy a big quantity will ensure your event goes smoothly. There are many factors to consider before settling on a size distribution for your promotional clothing. If you make up your mind to order polos, sweatshirts, or outerwear, the sizing recommendations will also shift.
Don’t be stressed by deciding the sizes of your promotional tees — that’s what we’re here for! We will work with you and recommend the best combination of sizes for your particular event.

New Promotional Trend of Customs Powerbanks

The promotional branded power banks have become one of the most popular promotional items in recent years. Because in this day and age of electronic communications access to a dependable supply of electricity in a form which will give the immediate charging of mobile phones and tablets is a crucial aspect of the maintenance of connection with the rest of your clients and staff. The wide range of different storage capacities, the different branding options available and the different means by which they can be connected to a device which needs recharging are all considerations in deciding which of the styles available is most suitable for your client or promotional activity that is drawing near.
Consider for example that you are in the market for a product which can both be appreciated by your staff and is also a way of getting the message out to your clients about a new product offering or service. A custom power bank with artwork is the amazing product for this type of versatile marketing requirement. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days and almost everyone uses them most of the time they are engaged in business activity a power bank is the kind of thing people are not going to throw away. It may be that some people are better organized and more disciplined in their use of electronic communications devices so that they are able to manage the level of charge in their range of devices and have no need to resort to an external battery, but for some of us the daily use is somewhat variable and one long and unexpectedly complicated conversation with a client or fellow staff member can be enough to empty the battery of your phone so you are stuck for the rest of the day. Therefore, people recognize that they may one day be stuck without power and any gift of a promotional power bank will be received gratefully and usually kept close at hand.
Nowadays, many sales people travel with both a smartphone and a tablet. This way they can check available stock levels and other details through the online management systems which are available in most retail software packages. But, the advantages of having this much more information available at the touch of a button has revolutionized the ways in which business is done the same problem talked above is likely to occur… that the reliability of the availability of power is always a big concern for sales people and staff on the move.
Nevertheless, some companies depend on having an eco-friendly image to absorb customers and retain those already on the books these days. Because there are eco friendly power banks available this class of promotions gift can still be used for company promotions without making a dissonance between external and internal considerations. And of course because electricity is considered to be less damaging energy option that combustibles this also dovetails nicely with any attempt at green repositioning. All in all promotional power banks have proven themselves to me essential products for many business people on the move so it makes great sense that you should put your branding and use them as a means to widen the opportunities your company offers to some customers.