Rolex replica Takes Roger Federer to a song

Roger Federer is no doubt one of Rolex’s most outstanding and important brand ambassadors. Currently ranked fourth in the world, the Swiss superstar has won 20 grand slam titles and holds the record for most wins at Wimbledon. When he is photographed lifting another trophy, he always wears a Rolex — a tradition that began in 2009, when Federer broke Pete Sampras’s Wimbledon grand slam record.
“Every time I wear a Rolex, it reminds me of great moments,” Federer said.”In a way, you have to be tough, even ruthless, but always fair and graceful. In other words, the perfect Rolex ” testimonee”. While Federer is known to have a lucrative contract with Rolex, his love of the Rolex brand is clearly genuine, making him a dutiful spokesman.
According to the tennis world, surprising is Federer actually signing Rolex’s endorsement is relatively small, only about $1.4 million, compared with $30 million for a Uniqlo pay (10 years) contract, Moët & Chandon pay $6 million, mercedes-benz (Mercedes – Benz) paid $5 million (etc.), he has become one of the top athletes.
Against this backdrop, $1.4 million seems like an absolute bargain for the iconic Swiss watch brand, but we can be sure that price includes as many rolex replica watches as Federer wants. As Luca Grasso of Italy, one of the world’s top Rolex experts, pointed out in a recent interview, the connection has paid off. “Over the years, the popularity of many famous people around the world has helped Rolex become increasingly popular by wearing several different styles,” he said.
Grasso says that the Rolex model that has benefited the most from Federer’s support is the Datejust – the watch he was wearing on that historic day at Wimbledon in 2009, and the one Rolex is his all-time favorite, altough having been photographed with other fake rolex watches, including the GMT-Master II “Batman” and the Sky-Dweller. About the Datejust, “we can say that it’s a wise investment that can pay you back with a quick growing value as time goes on,” Grasso says, noting that Federer is now affecting replica watch fans in favor of Rolex and the Datejust, just like the late, great Paul Newman continues to do with the Daytona and Steve McQueen with the Submariner. “More and more people are desired to wear these cheap watches and so the price grows,” Grasso points out. Advantage: Rolex.

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