Do Better Things for Custom Koozies

It is imperative for a marketing professional to find effective promotional items that capture your brand’s spirit and do their job. A recent report says that promotional products can boost brand effectiveness by as much as 50%, but some products are more practical than others.
Actually, the custom koozies rank high in the hierarchy of promotional giveaways, because they tick all the effectiveness boxes—they’re desirable, useful, and easy to hand out to big crowds. Not only are custom can koozies popular for giving out at trade shows, job fairs and special events, they’re also perfect for rewarding high-performance employees and thanking your customers.
They’re important crowd-pleasers—if your business has a fresh, youthful feel—or if it just so happens to make beverages in cans or bottles—then you can bet your target audience will prefer custom koozies. One of the wonderful things about branded drinkware is that it can be used by anyone. It’s not limited to a certain age group, region, or need. Anyone who spends time in the outdoors during the warmer months knows how valuable a trusty can koozie can be!
Another major metric for measuring a promotional item’s value is how often it will get used. Notably, we seldom choose disposable branded swag because it simply wouldn’t leave enough impressions. The promotional items that get the most use—things like personalized can koozies, phone chargers and pens—are the ones that will make the most and longest-lasting impressions. Koozies get used again and again for years, stabilizing your company’s name and purpose into the minds of users.
They’re affordable enough for big gives—marketing pros often seek out promotional goods that are simultaneously small, affordable and big-impact, and custom koozies are all of those things. While they consistently reach the top of the best-sellers list, koozies don’t need you to shell out a huge portion of your branding budget. We have promotional koozies that start at just $0.41 for large quantity orders, so you can stock up by the case and always have an affordable company gift on hand.
They suit many company narratives—another reason why we love branded koozies is because they help you tell your company’s unique story. On the other hand, it can be customized in many particular colors and themes, you can be sure they will fit your branding goals no matter what they are.