2021 Fabulous Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Have you struggled with what promotional items to give away at a trade show, conference or fair? If you want to avoid having the same products as your competitors, listen up! Here are some super beautiful signs to help you stand out from the sea of booths.
Who wouldn’t like to be a captain? Sure, there are many different types of captains, and I know I’d mimic Captain Jean-Luc Picard if I sat in one of these imprinted chairs. However, my Star Trek nerdiness is neither here nor there! The fact is that these Captain’s Chairs are colorful and practical options to dime-a-dozen trade show giveaway items, and you’re not going to spend a fortune customizing them. I’ve seen companies giving away custom chairs like this, and their booths are always packed! If your budget is limited, consider personalizing these expensive programs to appeal to a crowd. For maximum effect, put a few of these chairs next to your booth so tired visitors can relax and get some potential customers in the process!
Some may consider these magical, but I see these promotional color-changing cups as ways to one-up your competitors. “What’s that, arch-nemesis? You’re giving away imprinted stadium cups? That’s good, but we have the emotional stadium cup!” Bang — they’re completely beaten. Here are some crazy laughs and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! Also, which logo cups do you think people use more, solid or discolored? If you mean discoloration, then your choice is wise.
Do you still remember these from when you were a kid? They’re so much fun! If I received one of these customized fortune-tellers at a trade show, then it would never leave my desk – and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There is no better way to goof around on break with a co-worker and ask silly questions. So, now, face it, people don’t look twice at disposable giveaway items anymore, so why should you bother? You need your logo to stick around! Imprint these Magic Answer Balls with your logo and contact information, and you’ll be ensuring that they won’t end up in the trash can after 5 minutes.
These cheap little buttons get noticed more than you may think! Here’s a hot tip for a fun promotion: get people to come to your booth by giving them a custom Big Easy Recordable Button, explain your products and services, and then inspire them to push the button you’ve given them; If the recording shows them winning, give them a unique promotional products from China or enter them into a more expensive raffle. Customers will love playing games, and you will love interacting with them! Don’t listen to people who say you should be seen and not heard, because that’s obviously wrong! Your message should be seen and heard, don’t you think so?