Promotional Products for Advertising Your Hair Salon

Even as the COVID-19 epidemic is slowly recovering, there are media reports that cases are still rising in some parts of China.
Despite this news, are you trying to get back to work safely? It’s as simple as using a custom project in a smart and useful way. You can keep your employees and customers safe while spreading your wholesale business. It’s just about creativity.
You all know you need to wear face masks and keep the hand sanitizer around. Now be encouraged by this unexpected COVID-19 merchandise!
New York businesses were wary of reopening during the pandemic. The C19 I.D. Project assisted to make it a smoother process with promotional color-coded rubber bracelets. You wear whatever color that corresponds with your feelings about social distancing. It’s a simple, visual way to help people feel cozy around each other again after months in quarantine.

If you’re going back to the office, that’s a good idea. Choose 3 colors you like (bonus points if you match them to your company logo). Place these bracelets in a bowl and attach the corresponding logo to express the feeling of social distance. Every one of your employees should be required to wear one.
Jared Leto is a jack of all trades. He’s a singer, Academy Award winning actor, and now he’s a fashion designer. In an effort to collect money for charity, Leto launched a line of Star Wars inspired custom t-shirts that read: “May the Forced Quarantine Be with You.” Fans almost went crazy over these rockin’ tees!
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in New York was one of the first to make brass door openers, but now these personalized handy keychains are being sold all over the place online. The idea is not complicated – you can use the door opener to go in and out of buildings without having to touch the germy door handles from China. This is a big win during a pandemic.
Maybe, you can surprise people by mailing keychains to everyone in the community. You can put Promotional Products on a personal note that says, “Support our reopening.” There’s a way in” The more genuine you are, the more people you will reach!”
Add an inspirational message about COVID-19 or social distancing to plain tees and wear them in lieu of your typical work uniform. Your customers will appreciate you reminding them that we are in this together.